Meditation 1

I time travel

The most difficult way

In a fragile vessel

That is prone

To being sore and weary

And needs recharging


I time travel


Hour by hour

Problem by problem

Answer by answer

Each day earned


I cannot stop

Nor can I remove

Time squandered

Mistakes made

Memory or loss


I time travel






There be great forests

There be great forests

Though you might not guess it

From the sea of pavement

And the line of cars.


There be stars in the sky

Though you may not see them

In the middle of a city

On a cloudless night.


There are wide wonders

Beyond the horizon

Of city lights

And suburban sprawl.


There be great forests

If only we seek them

Outside the daily

Cares and toil.


Stretched thin by anxiety,

here is worry as a constant cycle

of panic, tears, and resignation.

Lean, rudderless years –


interrupted only by self-loathing,

punctuated with the occasional beer.

Trapped in a folk song –

all alone

and out of money for gasoline.


Song of the Week (12/12/16)

Artist: Kate Tempest

Song: “Don’t Fall In”

Album: Let Them Eat Chaos

Description:  True poetry here.  Also, this definitely has a political message, so appreciation may depend on agreement.

Song of the Week (10/09/16)

Song of the Week: “Everything is Free Now”

Artist: Sylvan Esso feat. Flock of Dimes (Covering Gillian Welch)

Album: “Don’t Dream It’s Over/Everything is Free” Single

Summary: Okay, so technically not NEW.  But, when “Radio” came out last month, I ended up finding this gem, too.  With the rainy weather this weekend and the earlier sunsets creeping in my corner of the world, this song just really resonates with the fall atmosphere.  Lastly, the harmonies are just beautiful.  Enjoy!

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